A Pocket Guide – How to migrate to Shopify Plus from Magento Enterprise in the UK

Finding a good e-commerce platform for your e-commerce website can be a very difficult task, and it is no surprise that a lot of business owners don’t get it right from the very beginning. There are several options that people are drawn to the most, and one of them is Magento Enterprise. However, if you are a business owner in the UK that has chosen this particular platform and you have realized that it’s not the best fit for your business, then this article is the perfect one for you. Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about how to migrate to Shopify Plus from Magento Enterprise, so make sure to keep on reading because what we say may help you deal with the whole process much faster and easier.


Evaluate your options

Before you decide that you want to change your platform the very first thing that you have to do is contact the platform that you want to switch to. This is very important because there’s no point for you to make a change if the platform that you have chosen to switch to doesn’t have everything that your current platform lacks and everything that you and your business need. In order for you to be able to do this you need to map out before hand the things that you were lacking and the things that you absolutely need in order to work properly and successfully, and having this mapped out will also help you figure out which questions you need to ask the representative that you’re going to speak to. Usually, people will be more than happy to help you and answer all of your questions, because at the end of the day you are a potential customer and they will do everything they can to show you the benefits of their platform can give you. Of course, make sure to take everything that they say with a grain of salt and make sure to do some extra research online by yourself, about Shopify Plus vs. Magento Enterprise Customer Review in order to get some opinions from users of the platform.

Choose the right team

Switching from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus can be quite a difficult challenge, and even if you’re pretty good at writing code and the more technical side of things, we still recommend that you work with a good development team in order to make things easier for yourself. However, you can’t just work with anybody and you need to make sure that you are using the right development team. When you speak to the representative they will probably tell you that they don’t really see users needing programmers to help them figure out their way around their platform, however depending on the size of your business you will probably need to get a good development team if your business is larger. If you are sure that you’re going to need a team to help you out with the switch in the UK, then you can simply ask representative for some suggestions and recommendations of teams that they know can handle their platform, and from our experience they will be very happy to help you out.

Test it out

Before you decide to make the switch from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus you definitely have to create a proof of concept. This is definitely something that will cost you a few thousand dollars in order to test, however it is a step that you cannot skip. You need to make sure that your plan works before you go too far down the wrong side of the road for your ecommerce, and apart from the saving you a lot of money it will also save you a good amount of time as well, which for business owners is sometimes even more valuable.

Switching, or migrating, from one platform to the other is not an easy process and it takes a good amount of work, so before you go down that road you need to make sure that this is something that will work for your business in the UK and that will make it better. If you’re still interested in migrating from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus, then we really hope that this article helped you out and that it is made your decision easier.


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